Mental Health Taskforce report makes clear why urgent investment is a priority

"The Taskforce report shows the impact that the failure to invest properly in mental health has had on services and patients across the country and makes clear why urgent investment is an absolute priority.

“Despite working hard, and collaboratively, in London to maximise the outcomes for patients using the resources we have available, there are gaps in care and areas of pressure that demand urgent attention and investment if we are to be able to tackle them.

“The Taskforce report describes itself as a ‘feasible and affordable blueprint’ for change. We are ready to work with government, NHS England, commissioner and local authority colleagues to drive this change and to transform London’s mental health services for the better.

“Great work is being done in the field of mental health. There are a variety of evidence-based interventions which – if available early – prevent problems from escalating, deliver improved outcomes for patients and achieve financial savings for the whole system.

“We recognise that we are in a time of austerity and that there is neither limitless, nor new money on the table at this time. However, investing in mental health is an economically viable solution for the NHS that must be treated as a priority."

Joint statement from the leadership at the Cavendish Square Group


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