#MentalHealth month week 2: Bridging the Gap


In week two of #mentalhealth month, NHS England is looking at one of the most pressing issues in healthcare: bridging the gap between physical and mental health.

The ultimate aim is to achieve true ‘parity of esteem’ – where every patient experiencing a mental health issues receives the same level of service, with the same sense of urgency and dignity, as people experiencing a physical health problem.

Why is this one of our biggest priorities? One in three people with a physical health condition also have a mental health condition: treating one element of a person’s health while ignoring the other leads to poorer patient outcomes.

Attitudes are changing, and breaking down stigma will be central to achieving parity for mental health. However, that’s only one part of the picture: until mental health services receive a fair and appropriate share of health resources it will be difficult to achieve. Despite accounting for over 22% of the total disease burden, mental health currently receives less than 13% of NHS budgets.

This week, we spoke to The Guardian in response to NHS Providers’ latest report Funding mental health at local level: unpicking the variation about the additional funds needed to make parity in London a reality. You can read our full statement here.

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