The London Mental Health Fact Book

What is the London Mental Health Fact Book?

The London Mental Health Fact Book is the first publication of its kind. It is designed to provide accurate information about mental health in London and has been developed by the Cavendish Square Group, a collaboration of the 10 London Trusts responsible for mental health services.

Who is the Fact Book for?

It is for everyone: journalists looking for authoritative information about mental health issues and trends in London; patients and carers who want to learn more about local services and people who want to better educate themselves about mental health issues.

What information does it contain?

The London Mental Health Fact Book contains information about the world-leading mental health care and support available in London. It includes a detailed directory of the 10 NHS Trusts who provide mental health care in the capital, as well as information about a range of peer-support services and how to contact them. You can also find a series of articles from some of London’s pre-eminent mental health experts.

View the Fact Book online.

Click here to view the fact book online, alternatively download a pdf version.