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Selena's Journey through the Westminster Step Down Service

For Selena Phillips, the journey through mental health recovery has been far from straightforward. Diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, Selena's life before 2022 was a relentless cycle of hospital admissions and discharges, a pattern all too familiar for many facing similar challenges.

"It was like I was in a revolving door, constantly going in and out of hospital," Selena recalls, highlighting the temporary relief but persistent instability of her previous care. However, her story took a hopeful turn upon being introduced to Westminster's stepdown service—a pivotal change that she credits for transforming her life.

Stepdown services are designed as a bridge for individuals like Selena, transitioning from inpatient care to more independent living within the community. This unique approach combines 24-hour live-in care in temporary accommodations, supported by a dedicated team including an occupational therapist, a nurse, a social worker, and a support worker from CNWL’s partners at LifeCome Care. For Selena, this wasn't just a change of scenery but a lifeline: "being in stepdown was vital in breaking the cycle [of distress] I was experiencing".

Selena's step-down experience in 2022 was transformative, marking the end of her 'revolving door' relationship with hospital admissions. "The support I received there was amazing," she says, gratefully acknowledging the individuals who stood by her side. "The team helped me find housing, accompanied me to appointments, and managed crises in ways that had never been handled before." It's clear that the team's intervention provided Selena not just with practical support but with a renewed sense of hope and direction.

However, Selena's story isn't just about her individual journey; it's also a testament to the broader impact of mental health on families. As the primary caregiver, Selena's dad bore the weight of her diagnosis, a responsibility that is both demanding and emotionally taxing. "Mental health affects the families too, not just the individual," Selena reflects.

The comprehensive support from the step-down service didn't just alleviate Selena's distress; it significantly relieved her dad from the pressures of caregiving. This dual benefit underscores the service's understanding that recovery is a collective journey involving patients and their loved ones.

Today, Selena looks back at her time in stepdown as a crucial turning point. The program didn't just offer her a way out of the hospital; it gave her the tools and support to rebuild her life step by step. "I truly believe they helped me to break the cycle and stay out of hospital," she asserts, her voice a mix of gratitude and newfound strength.

Selena's story is a powerful reminder of the importance of tailored, compassionate care in mental health recovery. By focusing on the individual's needs and involving their family, step-down services like the one in Westminster are helping people like Selena find their footing and are transforming lives. And for Selena, this journey is just the beginning.

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